All Custom Orders

  •  We do have a 72 hour change/cancelation policy
  •  Not sure on a exact design for your special treats? Call or email us to have a designer walk you through for the perfect design for  your special event.
  •  Picture examples of designs you like are happily excepted.      
  •  A confirmation will be emailed to you at least 2 business days in advance, if your confirmation is not received in this time manner      PLEASE call us immediately.
  •  We only deliver to special events and specific venues with a travel fee, small custom orders we do not deliver.

Custom Cake Requirements

  •   Suggested time for custom cake orders are at least 1 week in advance.
  •   For tiered cakes, we do allow different flavors for each tier.
  •   Please keep in mind, we do book up, so the earlier the better. 

Custom Cookie & Cupcake Requirements

  •   We do have most cookie cutters requested, if the order is made far enough in advance we will purchase a cookie cutter. Though, if we do not have it for no extra charge. If the order is placed in a week or less and we do not have the requested cookie cutter, the customer will have to choose from our inventory.
  •   Orders must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance. We do book up quickly so the earlier the better. We are closed half a day   Sunday and all of Monday, therefore custom order pick ups for Wednesday must be placed before closing Saturday at the latest.
  •    A minimum requirement of 1 dozen for custom orders & 2 dozen for mini cupcakes.                                                                 
  •    Flavor choices must be made by the dozen.

 Custom Order Pricing:

  • Prices vary depending on buttercream, fondant, artwork requirements & other design elements.
  • Feel free to email us for a price quote.
  • To help clarify serving sizes, the first number indicates large slices, while the second indicates smaller slices; Keep in mind all cakes are three to four layers, so they are taller than your average cake.

EXAMPLE: 6-10 servings means 6 larger slices or 10 smaller slices










 Decorative Cookies:

  • Design difficulty & time required for detail determines price: $2.75-3.00 each with a 1 dozen minimum
  • These come boxed together.​  


  • Design difficulty & time required determines price: $2.75-3.50
  • 1 Dozen minimum, 1 flavor for each 1 dozen

 Mini Cupcakes:

  • $36 per 2 dozen
  • 2 Dozen minimum for mini cupcakes

 Decorative Cookie Gift Boxes:

  • 12$ for a 3 cookie pack
  • 16$ for a 4 cookie pack
  • 22$ for a 6 cookie pack
  • Wrapped in a cute single cookie box with a pretty bow
  • We do need an advanced notice for these orders.


  • Traditional cakepop (round & colored simple): $1.25 each with 1 dozen minimum
  • Specialty Cakepop (shaped, special coating, ect.): $2.00 each with 1 dozen minimum
  • 1 dozen minimum, 1 flavor for each 1 dozen


  • 6” cake (serves 10-15): $40-55           
  • 8” cake (serves 20-25): $60-75
  • ​Quarter Sheet Cake (9"x13") (serves 25-30): $40-50
  • Half Sheet Cake (12”x18”)(serves 40-55): $55-70
  • Small 2-tier (6”bottom/4”top) (serves 15-20): $64-80
  • Large 2-tier (8” bottom/6” top) (serves 30-40):$ 120-$160
  • ​Cookie Cake (16"):$50-$55